Design and construction

The opportunity to design the Shadows  for Extinction was, after reading the script to be grabbed and held onto really tight. They are so interwoven into the main idea of the story, so much so that its difficult to talk about them with any detail without spoiling the film for anyone who hasn't seen it ( so sorry if you haven't, you can turn back now!). The story required them to be conceived by the viewer one way but in reality be something else entirely. A great challenge.

   So concepts were produced (a sample is shown) and the ideas debated, then applied. But it was always done with an eye to making sure it was possible, always modelled onto a real body, always with how can we do this for real behind the application. This kept the eventual transition very pure and without degradation. This, I think made the suit all the more convincing.

  Once we had sign off we were able to move ahead all the quicker because of the method of producing the concepts. The suits manufacture was a wonderful combination of new and old skills using a very skilled crew with a great variety of capabilities within it. from CAD designers, fabricators, soft technicians, Moulders, mechanics, model makers, dressers, etc.

    The result became a major part of the film, used more than we ever expected, without causing delays and also to the estimated costs. A very positive experience for us and the production.



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